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Welcome to
Preferred Home Care, LLC

Has your loved one had a recent surgical procedure? Does your mom or dad need help getting used to life in their elderly years? Will your loved one need to stay in a nursing home because staying at home alone is no longer an option?

It would positively feel more comforting when we can stay in our own home independently, however, some health circumstances will prevent us from doing so. Knowing that many families feel trapped in their health situation, Preferred Home Care, LLC has created solutions that combine professional care with the ability to stay in the comforts of home.

Preferred Home Care, LLC is a provider of personal care and assistance with daily living activities. We reduce chances of re-hospitalization and prevent clients from lengthening their stay in infirmaries. We bring you home instead – where your family, friends and loved ones are always there to give you the moral support through your recovery.

We created our company to assist clients through:
  • Compassionate and kindhearted staff that are ready to attend to your needs
  • Efficient and quality care provided by our caregivers in your home
  • Individualized Home Care plans to give your loved one access to undivided and thorough care
old woman smiling with her caregiver